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  1. Whats up Atomik, havent talked much in some time so I figured that was just not cool. :P
  2. Don't worry, I do not alow strangers, or destructive forces, into my house. How ever fire is like the big bad wolf. "I will huff, I will puff. and I will... Burn your house down like a matchbox..."
  3. Three miles?! You're like next-door neighbors with the fire. Don't let him in when he comes to borrow sugar, LOL. Seriously though, I hope the fire doesn't get horribly worse or anything. Stay not on fire.
  4. Yup, the fire in Cali. I live only 3 miles from the fire so thats a bit spooky.
  5. I think I heard about that on the news yesterday or today. You mean the fires in Cali, right?

    It sucks to hear about your financial hardship, everybody's goin' through that, it seems. I work at USBank, so I hear complaints about the economy from everyone and thier grandma, LOL.
  6. Like wise. Yeah I have been trying to find a place of my own. Well I did but we got into finacle trouble because our lown agent screwed us over. So I am with my folks paying rent as I have been which is really helping them out... So I had to pass up on this nice apartment... Oh and right now there is a wild fire on the edge of town...
  7. Hey, hey! ^_^

    Not a whole lot goin' on really. I moved in to my new apartment a month or so ago and just got me a new computer, so I'm doin' pretty good. Haven't been up to much 'xcept workin' and drawin'. What about you? It's good to hear from ya!
  8. Long time no see sprout, whats going on in your neck of the woods?
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