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  1. hello my frind its been about a year since i have been on i am back and wanted to see how my friend was doing please get back to me
  2. Not a problem. And you just might, simply to be a bit more detailed.
  3. ok thanks i couldnt find it but yeah i will redo if i have to
  4. Alright, thanks. Oh, just to let you know, there is a specified charactor thread for the phychic university rp. Its in there some where and it has a list of information to give other people a better understanding of your charactor. You can look at mine if you want, it the longest bio there.
  5. No I do not and I don't have a google account either. I just have an MSN account.
  6. do you have a yahoo account??????????????????????????????????????????
  7. Thats cool, I will most likely be on as well as my brother so we could do what ever.
  8. probably this weekend or sometime next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Oh I know I will and thanks for your support. Its just frustrating. Any way, when do you think the next time you will be on the 360?
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