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  1. hey its been awhile lol how have you been?
  2. Hey,

    I just signed up with, a new site about getting into and paying for college, and would like your help. Cappex is sponsoring a $1,000 scholarship for the student who signs up the most students, and I'm trying to win. Help me out by visiting the link below and filling out a free profile. Plus, Cappex is giving out a $500 scholarship to one of the winner's friends, so you might win $500 just for signing up.

    Use the following link to create your profile:

    Make sure you finish the entire profile so I'll get credit for the referral. Thanks
  3. I will when I get the chance to at home, to busy right now though.
  4. ok cool go ahead an translate it ^^ =]
  5. Not a problem, I can handle those sorts of things easily.
  6. well at first when you translate it it might be insulting but when you read it carefully its HILARIOUS
  7. Hmmm... May be I should read it, just so I can have some giggles.
  8. becasue i was really really bored and when i was reading it it made me laugh =]
  9. No I am not mad at all, I just confused as I have no idea why you would put that there.
  10. i was just havin one of my goofy moments
    your not mad are you?
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