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  1. Wow, that well... I wished my brothers were like that.
  2. hehehehe....well behaved....not at the most these two girls are going to grow to be preps i can tell.....
  3. Hey its a good movie, I like it. I bet they keep you very busy or are they well behaved for the most part?
  4. yeah well the weeks almost over and the two girls are watching the movie Twister they really like it.
  5. Who knows, you mite actually have fun with the kid.
  6. that sucks dude....Im helping a friend do a week of baby sitting
  7. Been alright. I was sick Thursday so that was no fun.
  8. hey scourge how you been?......Oh nice sig dude....*offers you WAFFLES*
  9. Hmmm, cool. I will look into it when I get the chance to. Right now though I have a lot of stuff on my plate.
  10. well to answer your question about the mecha pic i just typed in mechs in yahoo images and scrolled trough the pages
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