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  1. ewww i hate sodas there just gross an idk i eat about a equal amout of healthy food as i do junk om maybe a tinny bit my junk but i am constantly playing sponts so im in pretty good shape to eat what i want lmao
  2. Well thats good. I usually eat healthy foods, I stay away from junk food like Soda and cookies and things that are just plain high in fat so I am rather skinny my self.
  3. hmmm im not rly sur i think it was getting to eat alll that food an not looking fat to my parents lol im a twig but i can eat alot an my parents hate when i eat every thing lol so for once i got as much as i wanted XD haha
  4. Thats exactly the same thing with me. So, what was the high light of the day?
  5. lmao sweet mine was fun i got to play wit my lil sis an bro all day ani ate so much all i wanted to do was sleep for days lol
  6. It was awesome!! I had a great time with my family. I ate so much food that I did not remember even falling alseep.
  7. hehe kool so how was your thanks giving hehe..................
  8. Well thats good. Right now I am just hanging in there waiting for turky day to roll around and to hang out with family.
  9. lol well it took like a whole lot of hours but every things like fine now or back ot norm for me at the moment lol so whats up wit you
  10. Well I hope it does not come to that and everything is alright.
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