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  1. I gotcha now, that explains everything.
    Yeah, with that license I can work on just about anything I could put a wrench to.
    No one has told you that your drawings are great?! Whats wrong with the people around here?! In any case, I'd love to see more of your work, you have a real talent.
  2. i find drawing interesting but i like doing other things,sometimes i like drawing and sometimes not that depend on the mood >< ... LOL i was just kidding XD

    i was talking about your A&P license,and you could work in the aircraft i think that is really great ....

    >,< thank you finally someone like my drawing .... =^_^=
  3. So you are in art college but you don't really care all that much about drawing? I do believe that is the very definition of irony. Why should I tell him that he is a lucky bastard for having you? Is something wrong so to speak?
    I'm not sure I fallow, what is it that you thought was only in movies?

    Oh, also, I saw some of your art work and I must say they are beautiful. For some one who doesn't care about drawing all that much you sure are very good at it.
  4. XD i am in an art college now to say the truth i don't like drawing that much but i don't know how i entered art college hehehe .... >,< you should say that to him LOL ....
    and i uploaded some of my drawing in an album ^^
    WOW and really WOW i thought this is only in movies @o@ .... =^_^=
  5. You are going into an Art College? That's awesome!! I'd love to see some of your work. And your engaged now to, wow, all I have to say is that guy is a lucky bastard.
    As for my license, the A&P license stand for Air Frame & Power Plant, its a license that would allow me to work on any aircraft and I have always liked plains and helicopters.
  6. ooooo what is that XD .... for me ummm i got into an Art college and got engaged =>,<= ,and other than that nothing interesting >.> ... =^_^=
  7. So whats new going on with you? The only thing new or interesting with me is that I am trying to get my A&P license.
  8. hi hi ^^ ... i hope that too ... there is alot of people that did leave this place T.T and many changes has happened on AO ! .... i hope old days come again .... =^_^=
  9. Hi Frozen, long time no see, well so to speak. I my self just got by on AO and I hope we get to hang out and chat more and find more of or old AO friends.
  10. Yup, my friend is the reason why it was good I didn't get any numbers.
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