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  1. My friend Mark got me into this MMO called "Shaiya" it's pretty cool so far and it's free. Any ways what other interests do you have other then the game kind?
  2. ummm as for games i like all i said before and i don't like anything else that much XD nyaaa , but these days i am interesting in playing speeding games like NFS , or watching movies XD Nu , what about you ^_^ ... =^_^=
  3. I am the same way. So what else are your interest?
  4. me too i like strategy games ^-^ and thinking games like chess XD , half of me like thinking games and the other half like to play other kinds of games lol ... =^_^=
  5. I really like stratagy games as they make you think, also games where you can customize things to make them more effective, Chromehounds is a prime example of this, you can make a mech as ugly as sin but it's the toughest thing around. Im not big on bored games but I do enjoy playing chess, checkers, and batgamin.
  6. umm sometimes i play puzzle games XD like Keepsake , i like this kind of games .it is hard and that is true but i love it XD .. what about you ... =^_^=
  7. Thats very impressive, I would hate to run into you if I start playing that. So what other games and such are you interested in?
  8. XD that is very cool .. getting good in a game is very good thing , i like to play No One Live For Ever and this game i am very good at i have played it when i was 10 and played the 1 and 2ed from it but at 12 i stopped playing it and i played it 16 that mean now and i am still super good at it XD everyone say that i am playing it like i am the one who made it lol ... =^_^=
  9. I know what you mean about the fighting games. The reason why I am not really into those is do to the fact it gets repeditive after a while. So it's fun after a few sit downs but then you are like "I want to play something else." AVP2 is really fun... I should get back into it, the problem is that do to the fact that it has been almost a year and a half sense I last played so I wont be at the top of my game and I am exstreamly compeditive when I play as Alien because I always have that pressure to live up to as the Alien champ and a lot of people who have started playing after I left know who I am so they expect to see something great and I always get bombarded with challenges by the new top players that I inevitibly just destroy, which means I can't simply enjoy playing as my little space bug. Now I have come to realize that AVP2 is my kind of a game that no matter how long I have not played I am still really good at, but it gets tiresom slashing, tail whipping, head bitting a challenger reaptedly and finely having em leave just so another one drops in going "OMG ARE YOU THE REAL SCOURGE?!" My friend Reaper who I have known for as long as I have played AVP2 and is now the new Alien champ then has to tell em that yes it is and then the person gets all giddy and go crazy like finatical movie star fan girls... Which is really really annoying... I wonder if they even have the servers still up.
  10. ooo this is the first time i know that in this way you got your name XD , very very cool you made me want to play AVP2 ^-^ lol ... there is games that you can never forget even if you played a lot of games XD ... for me i don't have a favorite game becasue i like all kinds of games XD but not all of it , like i love to play the Godfather it is a very good game or strategic games i am good at this kind of games but i don't like playing a lot of fighting games like DMC (Devil May Cry ) becasue i don't like this kind of games i mean the type XD ... =^_^=
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