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  1. My favorit game ever is AVP2 (Alien vs. Predator 2 and no not like the movie AVP2) That was a fun, fast pase FPS if there ever was one. Single player was spooky playing as the Marine, Alien was just plain fun, Predator... Kind of boring and not really that hard with his cheap hardware. In multi player against other people was really really fun and hard as hell. There are 4 charactor groups you can play as. Marine, Corpit Merc, Alien, Predator. I played strikly as Alien. Each had several charactor classes you can chouse from, for alien there are, Drone (standard alien), Runner (The alien from Alien 3) Pred-Alien, and Preatorian (A mini me queen). There are also different game settings one of which was Alien life cycle in which you can be a Facehugger, infect people, then chestburter. The three other different groups would cause you to become a Drone if you infect a Marine, Runner for Merc, and of cores Pred Alien from infecting Predator. There was also a setting for Queen molting kills in that when you reach a set number of kills you become a queen which is hell of fun. Needless to say when you became a queen all Marines, Mercs, and Preds would do 1 of 2 thing... Either they all gang up on you or they run away screaming like little girls because you are after all the biggest baddest, nastiest bitch in town. I was actualy the Alien champion for 6 years undifeated using simply the standard Drone. I was also able to beat hackers and glitch abusers. It's also where I got my nick name Scourge from which I lived up to very well. AVP2 was my crack for the longest time.
  2. lol this game become like drugs for him XD it is really nice liking a game like that yay ... so what is your favorite game ever ?? ... =^_^=
  3. Well nothing magerly new, a lot of the same stuff goes on... I got the new Star Wars The Force Unleashed game, and it's really fun, just wish my brother would let me play it as he is now obsessed with it. I was only able to play once for about a half hour and he has been on it for almost the entire week.
  4. XD yes you are right ... umm for what is up humm i started school T_T ... and for what is new humm school too XD ... lol , what about you how have you been and what is new ... =^_^=
  5. Hey hows it going? We have not talked in a while. So whats up and new?
  6. Yeah, more of the same here as I said before. Nothing new really going on.
  7. T-T today was a very very boring day , i went to shopping today to buy some clothes so today was the same as yesterday but with little different details lol XD ... =^_^=
  8. Same with mine. So what's on the agenda for today? For my self, I am at work so it's more of the same.
  9. XD yes they are ... my friend do stuff that i can't enter it to my mind lol .. but she is the first one who be by my side XD .. =^_^=
  10. I think every one has that kind of friend, they happen to be very strange and odd but they are the one to most likely be there for you. lol
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