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  1. Right now, i'm just trying to figure out what i want to do with that scenario. figure two minds working on it would be better than one.
  2. Sure, not a problem, I will check it out right away.
  3. Feel free to reply to Cojoe's character as well. I know you have to some really good ideas along those lines.
  4. It will most likely be more entertaining. Oh Cojoe has started posting I do believe.
  5. Yeah. That'll be cool and give us something else to work on.
  6. Well hopefully Grimm will start in on his mech jock here shortly on Sky.
  7. Iagreecompletely. I valso wish the others would post more too.
  8. Ah, I see, well any ways I believe this whole thing is coming along nicly, just need more people involved.
  9. There IS a nastier aero around somewhere, someone just has to find it and get the necessary "changes" made to them. It's a pieceof alien tech I got from a bookcallled "Mutineer's Moon".
  10. You would get one mean machine, but the Mermy is no push over either, expecialy a Demolisher. It would be interesting thats for sure.
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