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  1. Thanks Joe, its also really nice to hear from you as well as it has been almost forever. I have been rather addicted to Modern Warfare 2 as well, not so much the people because 85% are all morons and punks but it sure does feel good to beat the snot out of them.
  2. Whazzup man and yeah, WoW's quite addicting. It's not so much the game as the ppl on there. I've made quite a few friends, so I've been spending alotta time wit em. I pop inta AO from time ta time and say hello ta my friends. It was great ta hear from ya, U take care.
  3. Hey there Joe, its been ages, has WOW sucked you under for this long? Wow... No pun intended... Any ways its always good to hear from you, look forward to seeing you more.
  4. Heya Scourge, jus' been busy playin' WoW is all. The game's pretty addicting. I'm gonna start visiting more often soon, I hope. Great ta hear from ya, u take care.
  5. Holy crap its Joe!! Where the hell have you been, its nice to see you again.
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