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  1. Im doing fine, thanks for asking, and thanks for the hug by the way. How about your self?
  2. *hugs* was up.. how are you????????????????????????????
  3. Yeah, you never really know. But thats why the best things in life mostly go to people who make it happen, and I believe you and this guy will make it happen.
  4. everyone is say that to . i hope so. but you know..
  5. Cool, I am very happy for you. I hope the two of you go far in life together.
  6. Well i met a wonderful guy. He is sweet and great. He is good looking . He is careing and loveing and brave.
  7. Not a problem. It's really no big deal. So any way you know about my situation which really has not changed much. So how about your self, any one that interests you?
  8. after i send it i got your message. i am sorry. i didnt mean it. i am sorry.
  9. If you mean Kiany Haki and I or any one else that would be a no. How ever I am no longer doing long distant relationships.
  10. That you very much. So how is you and your lady. Everything okay? Are you Marry yet to her?
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