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  1. My day just strated around six this morning................. Its only a quater to eight now.
  2. *sigh* just another crappy day at work. The day cant end quick enough! >.<*
  3. Thanks Sol. I am doing just fine, thanks for asking. How about your self?
  4. Hiya Scourge. What's up? How have you been? Happy late B-day dude! ^^
  5. LMFAO!!!!! I had something like that just a 1/2 hr. ago. Someone called in saying they was going to bring in thier X-box. I told them that they didnt have to, since i said i was goin to give him support over the phone. He says that its not working at all. I ask the basics like "is it plugged in? Are all the cords connected right? and stuff like that. After like 10 minutes, I ask is the outlet you are using working right? He said " I dont know. All of them are not working at all." So I said what do you mean? He answers" Well since I had my power cut off, nothing has been working." So then I asked, "did you pay your electric bill? He said no, why do you ask? I told him not to call back ever again and hung up.
  6. Oh man that sucks right there. I have heard stories that a person once asked about how to fix their fan. The guy told them you just need to clean the vents so it didn't have to work as hard. An hour later the person called up saying that now their whole system wont turn on. The guy asked if they cleaned only the fan and vent. The person said that they also cleaned the inside of the console because they saw it being dirty as well. When asked how they cleaned it, they replied "with soap and water." The support guy just hung up the phone after that.
  7. you're telling me XD. I had people come to me with thier consoles in peices, expecting to use tome glue like thats really gonna work >.< And when I tell them that its screwed and they will have to buy a new one, they look at me like I broke it to begin with >.<
  8. Thats very cool. I bet you have seen some rather beat up consoles.
  9. im a computer techichan. But I work in a sall little place fixing electronics, like games consoles most of the time.
  10. Oh no problem. Any, way what is it that you do for work?
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