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  1. Oh! sorry XD. I lve in bronx, NY. Sorry for misunderstanding.
  2. I meant like state or country................................ (damn 50 char)
  3. Well im at work at the moment. Im about to leave in like 2 hours. And its ok. You can ask me pretty much anything.
  4. That would suck. Where are you at by the way if you don't mind me asking?
  5. well thats good to hear that nobody was injured. At least they fixed the fence. if that were to happen where I live, There would have been a major fight about the tree. And the fence would end up not being fixed at all >.>
  6. Yeah, no one was hurt. At least they apologized like crazy and said they will pay for the damages. They already fixed the fence.
  7. wow. that had to suck. at least no one was hurt right?
  8. Yeah, your not the only one. Well lets see, what is new here... Oh, I got something. Last weekend our naighbores decided to cut down this really messy tree in their back yard which had a habit do to winds of blowing it's leaves into our back yard. Well, after they cut it down, its leaves were not the only thing in our back yard as it fell on our side, crushing the fence and damaging our out door BQ area. This is a big tree to, must have been 35 feet tall.
    I remember playing with my bro in CoD5 when I hear, creek, creek, creek, CRASH, fallowed by by father screaming "Sone of a bitch!!"
  9. LOLz. So, whats up? How are you? I really hate the 50 text minimum >.<
  10. Completely understandable there Sol, they are very addicting.
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