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  1. Yeah it has been a while, but no nothing much has really happened.
  2. hey man haven't talked in while so how has it been anything happen to you
  3. My family used to live under a free health care system, it sucks really really really bad so there is no way in hell he can change my mind about that. Also, I have posted the Bill that Obama wants to pass and I have been pointing out all the crap thats in it but he continues to ignore it and posts things from EXSTREAMLY biast news network that favors the democratic party no matter what.

    Its not a contest so I can't say.
  4. so who's winning you or the other person Len was it ?
  5. Other then arguing with Len on Free Health Care that Obama wants and such, other then that not much.
  6. hey man how has your day been going man anything interesting happan?
  7. Uhhhhhh.... No I have not, sorry, this is the first time for me hearing about them.
  8. hey man i'm gonna ask you a puestion i asked all my other friends except here on AO so here it goes have you ever heard of a band called the decemberist
  9. I have been working the whole time so its nothing different for me, although having a summer week off would be a cool idea.
  10. hey man how's it going almost the end of the summer that sucks for me how about for you?
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