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  1. yeah and I have to still pay for my new car so I cant yet get a new one
  2. I completely agree with you there. No point in wasting time if its only going to take a dump on you.
  3. Yeah the first ones sucked and I dont want them just to fix it cause its broken and then for it to break again you know I just want to get a new one so that I have less problems.
  4. Oh that explains it, you got the first generation, the newer ones do not burn out as easily but it happens from time to time.
  5. No my Xbox 360 did the ring of death and I did make them fix it but it just burned out because I used it so much I got it when they first came out.
  6. I was asking because if you got the three ring of death and under warenty you can send it to them and they will fix it for free. If its only one ring of death then it will cost you but there is a way around it, you simply wrap it up in a towal untill you get the three rings and it forces them to fix/replace the system free of charge.
  7. Yes I got that but it also just crapped out on me and I have a crappy job working at subway so its not like im going to beable to fix it soon
  8. Damn, that sucks. Did you get the red ring of death and getting it fixed?
  9. no mine is broke sorry............................................. ...........
  10. Those two are always good. Hey, I just thought of something, do you have a 360?
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