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  1. My friend was stationed not to far from there actually and I was very worried when I hurd about this. Fortunetly I was reasured from his brother that he was alright.
  2. Well, I'm alright. Sadly, I was on my way to New York to visit a friend, and I had to stop in Fort Hood Texas. Coincidentally, 12 people were killed during that shooting. I've had better days.
  3. Im doing alright for the most part. Nothing really new other then one thing but its not a good thing, personal family thing and not something I really want to talk about.
    How about your self, havent chatted with you in a while.
  4. Hey Scourge, what's up an how's life?
  5. Yeah I know, which is why she and I understand giving him some time to straighten out. Given my feelings for her I have mixed emotions on it but I don't steal girls away from any one. Yeah, she knows it isant acceptable and thats why she has strongly considered leaving him even before I got back with her.
  6. Wow, four years. If it's been that long, I guess it makes it more understandable, but not acceptable. Yeah my friend had a jerk boyfriend a while back. It's like that show, "Is she really going out with him?". Pretty, smart girls with total douche losers . Annoying. And you feel sorry for the girl for being too sweet to fry them on the spot.
  7. I don't know, something has been all weird with the images, and the page in general as I constantly have to refresh it and is getting annoying.

    As for my self, yeah, she said she will give him a bit more time before she drops him like a ton of bricks, I said give it no more then another month or two and if nothing changes with in that time, just end it. I said that before we really reconnected. They were together for four years which is the only reason why she is giving him that much time.
  8. I'll post up some of my art on here as soon as the images start working again.

    And that's a bummer. Well, maybe she'll dump him. I hate hearing about jerk boyfriends. Especially when she could be with a good guy like you. Ah, well, it's smart what you're doing. Just hope for the best.

    By the way, do you know what's up with the images? And why they aren't working?
  9. Oh thats cool, I would love to see some of your work.

    As for my self, I am doing actually really good. Just hung out with my friend Kat on Sunday as we havent seen each other in a very long time and miss hanging out, so we went out and conversed, and now she wished that I asked her out a long time ago and so do I. But she already has a boy friend, but ever sense he turned 21 he has been a real punk and a jerk to her for several months now. Im just going to stay out of it and be there for her reguardless and let what ever happens, happens.
  10. Nothing much, I actually just started some portraits, and I'm doing a tattoo request. How bout you? =)
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