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  1. So whats up Utena? Just popping in and seeing whats up sense my last message didn't leave you much to respond to. :P
  2. Thanks. Yup, I will be heading up there in a few hours.
  3. Good luck Scourge!
  4. I mostly do black and white sketch drawings and things of that sort, how ever I have tried color but that was very difficult.
  5. lol, yeah I loved Outlaw Star and grew up on it. Another cool thing about Heavy Metal is that they have lots of that kinds of stuff. Do you do colour work?
  6. Whats funny is thats exactly where I got the idea from, and I am like you, I like a good space sci-fi thing.
  7. That actually reminds me of Melfina from Outlaw Star. Any kind of deep space fantasy/ Sci Fi kind of intrigues me.
  8. Thanks Utena, yeah, I get a lot of compliments on my work and I take great pride. When I was in college and I had time inbetween classes I would draw, and when I look up I have a croud around me. Even some of the rather pricy foofoo girls would watch which was rather amusing. I also made some for people if they asked. I did them for free. One of my favorits was one I did for a girl who felt very depressed about about something I can't remeber what and what I drew for her was a younge girl in a cyclender tube flooting in a vat hooked up to wires and such. The rest of it had eyes, glaring through the dark shaded background and peaking around the edges of the vat. It was very eary, but the title of it was "Protect your Innocents."
  9. I think it's pretty awesome! I also have his artbook ordered off of a magazine(Heavy Metal actually) and a calender. I'm a pretty big fan.
    I like your style, and I could also tell that it's American influenced and more which is kind of refreshing to see on a anime site.
  10. I love H.R Giger and his bio-mechanical as I always thought it was the coolest, how ever his had to do with organic machines and sex, mine is my own form which has the machines and Organic aspects seperated but works like that of the human skelletal and muscular system. And thus I dubbed my form of Bio-mechanica, Xier, and yes I did throw in a hint of an anime-ish style into it. Their over all aspect is that of a corps, thin and frail looking, which is why their mid section is so very thin or none existant.
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