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  1. i think that saying is true. i was thinking something like that. 1-800 flowers is such a rip off. it costs like $100 bucks to send someone flowers.
  2. That sucks. Well you know the saying "abcense makes the heart grow faunder"... Or something like that. A necklace or earings would be a good idea, small and meaningful.
  3. cool. i have to figured out what i'm going to get my gf for valentine's day. i do live 1000 miles away now, so it has to be small enough to send...sooo...
  4. Nothing much, just finishing up some work here and then I will be free for the rest of the day... YAY... And I have this Friday off... YAY... And this Sunday I will ask this girl at church I like who I believe is interested in me also and I hope she says yes... the "YAY" will be determind this Sunday.
  5. ok, cool. so what's up with you?(fifty character crap,ugh)
  6. Another fellow procrastinater. :P
    Well I will be on for a while so if you want to chat to pass the time I am cool with that.
  7. umm..well..pretty much nothing, i'm bored..(i'm supposed to be schoolwork)lol
  8. Nice image though, I like it. Any way whats up? (blasted 50 word mubob)
  9. Hi hi. (damn fifty character thingy) Yea random image!
  10. *Pops in and says* HI!!... And damn this 50 or more word limit.
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