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  1. Not married nor have I won the lottery. The only thing of interest was that I went camping just last week with my brothers which was nice sense I have not done that in years. To bad I missed half of it sense my dog came down with some kind of bug and was sick for three days. Oh, also, we had our family picnic last Saturday which was fun, lots of people from both sides showed up with lots of food. I am also working on trying to get my A&P license which would allow me to work on aircraft.
  2. I've been fine. Life seems kinda blah these days. Anything exciting happen to you? Married yet? Win the lottery? There has to be something.
  3. It sure appears that way doesn't it? Life is treating me fairly I suppose, can't really complain. How have you been?
  4. Hows life treating you buddy? Feels like I havn't talked you in forever.
  5. Well your aim is off then.

    Her and her friend lived in Kentucky, probably the worst state in the entire US and I have been to a number of states. My ex wanted to get the hell out of there people sucked that bad. Any way, the only reason why we went was because she was her best friend. Needless to say we regreted it. It was sad.
  6. Me, taking stabs at you? Lol I don't know what you are talking about. ^_- Besides I always aim to kill.

    I think it would be cute to have a pile of twinkes for the cake! lol I saw it on Redneck Weddings and it was so funny. Yeah, some people I just don't know what they were thinking. You live in CA, so it couldn't have been that bad! One of my high school friends got married in her prom dress, a year after we graduated, and it was a purple dress.
  7. You never let me have a chance at being nice, you are always taking stabs at me.

    I have, and I have been to my ex's friend wedding, it was horrible and very lame, we were practicly clawing at the doors to escape, fortunetly we found an open window.

    Anything that stands about three inches tall isant a dog.

    Thus is the reason why I brought it up.
  8. Yeah we get along so well because you are mean, and am totally nice. Were are like yin and yang. ^_-

    Lol Yeah, I got your play on words, however I was more concerned about you even thinking about playing pin the tail on the donkey at your wedding. It would remind me of that show Redneck Weddings, which is totally funny, you should watch it sometime if you havn't.

    Tinkerbell didn't pick Paris, I don't know why you hate her so much, Tinkerbell is a cute little doggy.

    Yeah.. calling people daddy is just really awkward.
  9. I thought that was obvice from the start, which is why we get along oh so well.

    You completely missed my play on words. And the pins would be throwing knifes.
    As for Paris's rat, it needs to be exsterminated, or better yet, feed it to a very hungry snake or large spider.
    I much rather have you calling me daddy.
  10. I am glad you admitted that to yourself and finally accepted the truth. I'm so proud of you.

    I really hope you don't plan on playing pin the tail on the donkey at your wedding, because that is just really lame! And come on Tinkerbell needs a daddy, you could be that daddy.
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