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  1. Yes, I am a mean SOB because I don't allow you to feed off of my misery.

    Paris Hilton isant even Human and is actually bellow animels of all kind, we all know that, I have standards and it (meaning she) isant even a blip on my radar. Yes I have radar and an "A" hole detecter as well.
    And if and or when I do get married I will send you an invitation, after all we need some one to be the donky that we pin the tail on.
  2. Aww... you are so mean, no ones misery is more fun to watch than yours. *pouts* Don't be so selfish.

    Me and Beast will hookup whenever you marry Paris Hilton. At least you and Paris live in California, so it could actually happen. ^_- I will be waiting for my wedding invite.
  3. Yeah I bet I would get some reall browny points for walking in a womens shoes.

    No I do not need a sholder to cry on and there wasnt any nitty gritty detail as she felt that it just wouldnt work out because of the distance, nothing more then that, so you are going to go hungry you neggativity paresite, go leach off of some one elses missury.

    Oh, when are you and beast going to hook up?
  4. Oh if only you could walk a mile in my shoes, you would learn so much. And you would become a much stronger individual. Because I mean, wow, walking a mile in womens shoes kinda hurts.

    P.S. I read through your profile, sorry to hear you got dumped again. If you want a shoulder to cry on, and to tell me about all the nitty gritty details. Well am here for you buddy.
  5. I doubt I am missing much Zev, I really find it highly unlikely that I would be going to get a super orgason or something by stepping into your shoes.
  6. Well the downside is, you will never know what you are missing out on, my young little friend.
  7. Yeah yeah sure sure, what ever you say Zev. Also, I told you I wouldnt wear your shoes any way so how exactly is that a down side to me by you keeping them away?
  8. Well what can I say, I like to be close with everyone... in a platonic way... yes that is it. Makes me sound way less easy.

    Now, I see that you voted, but would it be too much to ask for a comment? ^_^ And my shoes are not crappy, you would love my shoes if you ever met them, which you so totally won't now. You ruined your chances with my shoes by calling them crappy.
  9. Alright alright, I will vote you badger... And thats right, you better keep your crappy shoes away from me for I will be their DOOOOOOOM!!

    Also I have noticed you and beast have been getting rather close... :P
  10. Yeah, you just stay away from my shoes, you shoe breaking hussy!

    BTW don't forget to vote!
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