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  1. thx I got the idea from my ****ed up mentality. That and the crazy stuff I do.
  2. :P love it ^^ its like one of those poems that just explains itself =] nice
  3. here's the poem: We see you,
    Dying in the cold night.
    We hear you,
    Crying for mercy.
    We’re watching you,
    As you reach for hope.
    We’re killing you,
    As you scream for help.
    We can smell you,
    As you drip with fear.
    We are you,
    Your light and darkness.
  4. well thats cool ^^ whats the name of it? =]
    can you give me a link to the poem so i can read it ? ^^
  5. Good I've wrote a new poem and got new manga to read.
  6. it was but not anymore i just discovered that i have anger issues lol bad temper tantrum lol >.< so what about you? how's your life
  7. good thats is life being a bitch yet???
  8. ive been doing alright lol =] school is almost over and im really excited ^^
  9. I'm good I'm bored but I'm the question is how have YOU been?
  10. hey whats up long time no talk lol so how have you been?
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