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  1. why you act the way you do? lol what do you mean lol
  2. yeah I mastered everything although what I meant by finding myself is finding out why I act like I do...
  3. what do you mean finding yourself? lol did you master everything yet?
  4. yeah I've been busy finding myself....again........................
  5. heyyyyyyy^^ whats up lol havent heard form you in a while lol^^
  6. I did I finally mastered everything wooooooohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. well there you go thats your answer^^ hope it works out well for ya =]
  8. well he did say something about fighting with demons but I never got that...he called it the cursed soul style I never did master it because I thought he was just drunk now I'm thinking he was right...
  9. so maybe there's more that you can learn
    surely you have not mastered everything
  10. hand to hand: mastered mental training:mastered weapon training:mastered spiritual training:mastered and everything else mastered
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