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  1. wow.................thats hella graphic....damn lol
  2. thats the problem my scanner is broken T_T the other problem is they said I can't do it anymore so now I'll just water and green tea so really I only drink blood when my friend steals some from the blood bank of lets me drink her blood when she gets a cut or something.
  3. .........what the hell? they let you do that? no way >.<! blood? should take a picture and send it to me i have to see it
  4. the blood bank at my local hospital lets me drink the blood there...
  5. .................. what do you mean free all the time?
  6. it tastes good to me and besides it's free all the time.....
  7. wow thats some deep shit right there..but seriously drinking blood? totally sick
  8. lets see I drink blood,when I get hit I don't fall down, I like to kill people,I don't like cute things, I like looking and howling at the moon, I talk to dogs and cats, I avoid the sun light, I'm always asleep during the day,and I love pain so everytime they punch me I just laugh and fight back.
  9. oh really? why do they think you are a freak of nature? o.0?
  10. actually they had pipes my swords the ones I bought yesterday where just stronger....I enjoy killing everything! andyway they probly hate me cause I'm a freak of nature but who cares it was fun.
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