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  1. why dont they like you? and thats really dumb 13 guys jump on ONE person...and they lose
    now thats sayin somthing you must be hella strong then
    good job!
  2. I got ambushed but thanks to those bastards I was late for school because I had to wash my bloody clothes again....-_-'
  3. dannnng! 13 :1 hmmm wow. where did you all fight at? school?
  4. yeah and today I got into another fight.....13 to 1 I won by fatality ^_^
  5. i feel sry for the bastards oh well serves em right
  6. I was called an incubus yesterday and then as always I cut another person into peices....
  7. oh thanks^^ i will lol
    whats been going on in your life?
  8. Well keep it up....anyway it's getting weider my life I mean
  9. oh well thanks alot ^^ i guess its just what im good at lol
  10. Yeah I have that problem with my love and horror poems but death is a cool concept so I doubt it matters.
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