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  1. cool cool those are my fav types to write too^^..mine usually end with death matter how much i try i cant help it lol
  2. I like all types but I write free style,love and horror poetry.
  3. i was looking through your about me and you like poetry? cool^^ i loved to write it what type of poetry do you prefer to read/write?
  4. pissed off at the world..why is that what happened
  5. good good I'm just pissed at the world as usual...
  6. pretty good just stressed about finals and all lol what about you?
  7. so anyway how have you been sense our last few chats...
  8. mmmm sounds cool i wished i had that much fun over the holidays lol i was bored out of my mind. though it was really funny when i choked my cousin simply pure joy^^
  9. They where good guess what it rained blood at my was cool until I figured out that my friend cut some dudes head off but it was still cool...
  10. hey lol happy new year
    how were your holidays?
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