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  1. ....uh she left this world I'll say it like that....
  2. what do you mean took care of her? did you mess her up real bad?? ^^ or was it something like that lol
  3. My friend was a slut cause she was trying to get with me but my best friend was her boy friend.....mika that ****ing slut. but I took care of her now me and my other friends are happy sense it was my last time doing this.
  4. hmmmmmm that
    sucks -.-
    tell me
    what happend?
  5. Bored pissed betrayed and want to kill my the gruesome most painful way possible.
  6. hey whats up?^^ i haven't talked to you in aminute lol so how have you been?
  7. no but the nerves in my left side are gone so no pain but yeah.
  8. oh really? daang! you got ran over twice???!! and your mom still doesnt know? wow.... so are you ok? you have a cast or something?...
  9. Yeah it was good I spent thanksgiving in the hospital for getting run over but I'm alive again and lets see I got run over again yesterday but punched the driver before passing out but yeah my thanksgiving was good except for that part and to top it off my mother doesn't know a thing
  10. ^^ so how was your thanksgiving? was it good/
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