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  1. yeah oh I almost forgot she gave me a colloge of the pictures but I found new samuri pictures I'll upload them now.....
  2. O ok that is pretty cool, that she is doing something like that for you.
  3. she said she needed them for a present of mine so I don't blame her....
  4. well that is depressing, and kind of mean. wonder why she wont let you borrow the other ones?
  5. I'm afraid only three I had to ask my friend for some but she said I can only borrow the one you commented on.....-_- it's depresseing
  6. well that just sucks eggs..... lol. how many of those kind of pics do you have?
  7. I found it on a site called desktop zero a few years back but the internet deleted the site.....
  8. I'm feeling the new album... very nice work. there is one pic you got in there, that i left a comment on where you find that one at?
  9. Go check out the new samuri album of mine.......!!!
  10. Okay one kick ass album coming right up!!!!!!!!!!!!
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