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  1. in a way yea but if you cant find any how about just trying to put pics of like samurais, ninjas, stuff pole using/ holding warriors pics up.
  2. ...I can't find any warrior classes pictures to steal.... T_T
  3. so you want warriors as in samuri's fighting...........?
  4. cool... how about something thats got to do with warriors classes and some fighting happening in the pics?
  5. I have a lot more just tell me what catagory you want and I'll put it on.....besides I got nothing better to do....
  6. O ok the normal reasons why most people does a lot of things huh lol... very cool. you got any more pics or ideas running around for an gallery?
  7. boredom,instinct,and because I had nothing better to do.
  8. nice pics in your albums, i like them both wat made u find those pics?
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