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  1. Yup, and then it completely ruins the fun factor of the game.
  2. True. It does get boreing fast but as I've previously learned it also pisses alot of people off.
  3. There is a very good reason not to. The "It gets boring fast" facter.
  4. Yeah but has one of my friends used to tell me habits are hard to break but I guess now that crap makes the fight boreing I try not to do it...
  5. I hate god moders... Well, when they use it any ways, then it becomes rediculouse. Thats why in MMOs that I play I try to pick charactors with the highest evasion, can't kill what you can't hit.
  6. oh I almost forgot I read your descusion on God modeing and I agree with the fact people shouldn't do that....I only say this because I god mode to and I have to makes fighting boreing
  7. Interesting apitite you have. Any way good to know that all, well, most is good on your side.
  8. I'm great but I'm a bit sad though....aparrently they closed the hospital down where I used to get blood at and now I don't know a new one to get anymore.........and I'm hungry T_T
  9. Im doing alright. Nothing new here. What about your self?
  10. hey scourge how are you..........................?
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