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  1. ah ok yeah I know I've been'll be hard pressed to find a place I haven't been actually
  2. I live in Memphis,TN USA and yes thats far away if your wondering
  3. Well I just hope that it works out for ya...where do you live btw? I live in southern ohio, USA
  4. technically when I'm in pscyo mode as my friend calls it I'm in full control the only thing I'm trying to control is my berserker style and I'll be okay but I'll continue to practice.
  5. oh well for that nothing can help you but just takes self control...try clearing your mind before starting your to get good at any martial arts, you need to practice almost every day...
  6. when I'm practicing which is pretty much once a year I'll get an overdose adreniline rush and go on a pscyotic rampage...-_-' my friend calls it pscyo style or pscyo abmination style.....T_T
  7. what's the problem? Every problem can be overcome with practice...
  8. style is a mixure of the stuff I learned....theres only one problem.
  9. special style? Not sure what ya mean by that but in Akito you use your attacker's attack against him...if he lunges at you just use his weight against him and toss him over your shoulder We learned some sword moves too but not much and over the years, movies have influenced my style a tad...dammit all
  10. belt huh? hey yin whats your special style in self defense?
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