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  1. crap only 8 more minutes till class is over and then we will have to say goodbye.....................

    I'm hyper! 2 1/2 hrs. of sleep and I am crazy.
  2. glomp means tackle in a playful way and no I wasn't making fun of you....
  3. what time is it over there? and try to get on at this time everyday exept weekends cause I'm not aloud on the home computer...............
  4. what the heck is glomping? and were you making fun of me for saying that? And I meant like right beside me in Indiana
  5. *glomps you* it sucks your nogt here with me...................T_T
  6. yeah but your not here so yeah. Have you seen the red bull commericial (?) with the Indians? that's what I feel like now. lol
  7. okay no problem....oh and your present is me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. im depends on what it is. I'm going to send you a pm asking you a serious question and I want you to answer honestly.
  9. I'm good and thats great that your b-day was yesterday you ready for your present....*licks your lips*
  10. and yes that is okay. so how are you today? Oh and Happy belated V-day! <3 My b-day was yesterday! I'm finally 16!
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