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  1. ohh...well i got some songs from bleach
    1.after dark 3.enemy unseen
    2.tonight3x 4.ichirin no hana
    well actually there's more but this is my all time fav songs...
  2. hmmm, not really, i dont even know the titles...

    but i added them on my sites play list XD
  3. you have any soundtrack or songs from bleach...
  4. haha, yup, i'm an anime freak ^^

    but my favorite is air gear, but the animators are mean, they like ended it just like *PooF*
  5. you're welcome...yeah,i'm a bleach fan
    i never missed the episode...
    do you like other anime beside bleach...just asking
  6. hey, thanks for the add ^^

    so you watch bleach?

    ima bleach addict (certified)
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