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  1. ZOMG, you pwnz XD

    you have so many posts already @.@

    how do you do it XDXD

    anyway, dont worry bout it, want me to make you another one?

    its all i can do really @.@

    or draw, or paint or something.

    haha i'm good XD
  2. Hello, how are you? I still can't thank you enough for giving me my own sig.
  3. It looks awesome!!!!! Thank you very much, i appreciate it.
  4. HYPEE!!

    look, i made you a signature @.@

    not all the great though, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  5. Pretty much yeah, i know a lot about RPGing because i have been doing it for a year now.
  6. haha, yeah i get that, so its like your writing a story, huh?

    so action star are for beginners?
  7. Pretty much that, in the advanced one, you still use stars, but, when talking, you need quotes around what your character is saying.
  8. haha, you are, cool,
    i just wanna know the difference of the basic form the advanced one

    i know basic consists of most all action stars *uber mega kawaii post*
  9. Well, if you need help RPing, then ask me, i am an RPG expert.
  10. hahaha, cool cool, i'm also figuring the RP thing, not here though, i dunno the 1st thing do do, im an rp noob T.T
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