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  1. XD Yeah. I haven't played it either, but I love the Tales series. My most favorite game series!!!
  2. *fan girl scream*

    well. uhm no, but it looks promising, i wanna play it just because of that request XD
  3. *squeal* I saw your Richter sig!! Have you played Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World???
  4. haha, i think i'll stick around no worries XD.

    i kinda like the feel in this site XD
  5. lolz well I know what a first friend(as well as others XD) Besides I like to grett all new members. IF they need a fruiend, well here I am!!!!! XD I hope you stay here for awhile and get to know everyone ^^ We're all really nice!!
  6. WOW, cool thanks for the welcome XD

    i'll add you too XD
  7. Nyahh!! Heya!! Nice to meet ya! My name is Renn and I am here to welcome you!!! But I see that Stormwolf has beat me to it. You meanie!! XD Anyway if you need help ask me or any higher up member!! IF you need a friend then you can count on me!!!
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