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  1. well i have send u a massge and its all the details are in that
  2. really ? thats cool wanna tell?............................
  3. good no bad and u
    something intresting happend
  4. alright i will trust you ... so how have you been ?
  5. no but there will be little twist to that pain
    i am sure about that
    so dont woory about it jsu anjoy ur life
  6. well in the past the holidays are just pain, heart breack or deseat or betrayel its always something ... now it is like i dont exsist ... i kind of hate my life ... i just cant be happy it sucks sorry i am a let down
  7. why
    u can have lots fun in the holidays
    by the way i am seraphin ia m girl i am 14 i kind of like holidays
  8. oh yeah sorry ... I am Charlee i am 14 years old i anm a girl but my name is a guys ... I like it really i am a freash men and i love making friends but i hate the holidays .. they bring me pain
  9. i asm good
    what about u
    say something about ur self plzz like your name age and things like that if u dont mind
  10. Cool hi .... hows it going?????????????????????????????????????
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