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  1. thanks seraphin!
    oh yeah by the way, i love ur name!
  2. well i a new here as well
    so i think you go to new post and find something to reply
    and then at the top it sayd post reply and then type u text
  3. i'm new and have no idea how to do anything. i go by tryel and errer. can u tell me how to make a post if u know?
  4. thanks for responing & being my friend
    sorry its random, i couldn't think of any thing else to say
    do u support kira? i mean do u believe his justic?
  5. hello mea
    nice to hear from u
    ho ya i like death note really intresting
  6. hey, i'm mea
    i'm saw you on my page sooo hi.....
    i love naruto......Do u like death note?
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