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  1. yea i like paramore they play a lot of my favorite songs i dont no alot of there songs but all the ones i do no i like
  2. thats cool
    i love music as well
    i like huging around with my friends
    do u like rnb or rock likr paramore
  3. well uh i like doing things with my friends and family cuz i always have a good time no matter if its a boring place or not and i read and write alot i like drawing and i looooooove music!!!
  4. hahh
    so what things do u like doing
  5. lol really im a girl too!! ^_^ lol just makin fun!
  6. well i am seraphin i am 14 years old and i am a girl
  7. lol no i dont mind lol well... im Jasmine and im 13 yrs old what about you?
  8. no at all
    i knwo u were a bti confused thats why right
    so whats your name adn how old are you if u dont mind me asking u
  9. ooooo okay lol i hope i didnt affend you or anything srry but anyway thnx i hope i can get to know you better ^_^
  10. well i am just a randum person soen how i seen ur profile it was intresting so i said hi thats all i dont really knw u at all
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