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  1. u two it was a nice chat. i hope i will hear from u soon
  2. I have to go because of the lockdown see you later. nice talking with you.
  3. Thanx. I love to meet new people. I don't know i just like talking to people. I hope i don't weird you out and your really sweet thanx. I am a guy by the way so you don't think i am a girl because i said that. I am just a gentleman.
  4. Thanx that helps. What r you doing right now. I know you said you were bored. so....
  5. its fine
    i was looking for friends no one i know and i am kind of shy u know what i mean to talk to people like that
    i think u are gr8 friend
  6. I added you as a friend i hope you don't mind. Your my first freind i have actually added none of them really talk to
  7. what why would they do that thats just so stupid
    i feel so sorry for u
  8. I read everything. I watch everything in anime also thanx again for talking to me.
  9. we are on lockdown at the moment. Somebody decided to stab somebody down the street so our days going good. Honestly no complaints.
  10. thanks so what kind of manga book do you read " action" what kind
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