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  1. Yeah,but I'm not the first guy to live under a bridge.
    Kurt Cobain did it,so I will be able to handle it.
  2. Honestly? Wow, that's pretty intense... I admire your strength.
  3. Yeah,I'm going to finish high school.
    Well,when they kick me out,I'm going to go live under a bridge until I can find a place to live.
  4. Oh gosh, that's awful >.< Do you know what you're going to do yet? Are you going to be able to finish high school??
  5. I'm Eastern.
    I'm living with my aunt & uncle,but they are about to kick me out because their landlord is making them.
    The worst part of all this is I haven't finished high school.
  6. Ah, I'm sorry =/
    Do you live by yourself, or...?
    And what time zone are you in?
  7. Yeah,I wished I lived with my parents.
    I have gone through a lot this last year.
  8. Haha, my parents are mad because I sleep, just during the day ;;>.> (I'm still in the wrong timezone lol)
  9. It has been alright.
    I don't sleep much,but I manage.
  10. Hello~ ^o^ How have you been? How's your summer going?
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