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  1. that is very cool i don't get to very much since it is way to late when things come on and i have work and very very busy
  2. Of course I always watch something, due to nexfix, watching stuff at site, catching up with old stuff I never got to finsh watching
  3. wacth any new ones lately i have not had much time to find any cause cable sucks
  4. Well that one way of doing things i guess to make u happy. anyway back to anime now
  5. i do have somthings just not sure gow i can get to really be that happy but i think it will when i dance it is a relase for me
  6. You should try finding something that would make you happy
  7. yeah you are it is just weaid to me and i am like really stressed but in a good way.
  8. well does look like i have a cohice to am i right
  9. i miss you very much and yeah hard work is good when it gives you a good feeling i'm glad that will hlep you.
  10. it had same here but that going to chnage for me for now anyway u r working hard then well ook like i have to over here to
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