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  1. hmm that sounds very flimlair to me i know what that is like i've gone throgth that a lot....who knows i might be going througth that right now?
  2. yeah i just don't want anything that happed to me in my past lifes to come back and bite me ind back now.
  3. yeah nine lives is great and a little wiread cause i've got some insight on my past lifes.
  4. hey my freind thought i'd stop by and check on some of my freinds and see what they are up to?
  5. i'm a little foggy right now and trying to from a plan to save my fur coat right now but later i can.
  6. lol your not an ididot you just didn't know but now you do so it is ok later.
  7. your online and i am too so i caught you frist that is what i mean and thank you very much.
  8. lol hey i caught you this time and it was good how are you doing?
  9. yeah that is fine i understand i'm the same way sometimes just somthing i forget to go slow i have a hard time slowing down so i understand.
  10. no just sometimes it's hard to understand what you write sometimes it confuses me a bit.
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