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  1. purr purr ok thanks what is going on i'm a little confused on a few things can you hlep me out?
  2. sure i will try i'm just really over stressed out right now but i will get better i promise and will try to smile ok i will try ttyl cassy.
  3. anna is a sutly bicthy sccubus whore and we are not freinds anymore and i was jloues cause i kenw and still know that i'm better then her but it is no longer impotant ok ttyl luv ya
  4. everything will work out just have take whatever comes at the best way.
  5. ok i will try since i'm a little busy with things aroud my appatment that is all.
  6. it just means that i will call and try to get you to anwer that is all.
  7. awww well i'm here for a while and look let me see if i have time i will try to chase you down ok ttyl cassy.
  8. i see well i hope things cool dwon and it all blows over but i will be here for a bit maybe you can try and call me tonight talk to you later.
  9. hey man wuzzup? i that i'd drop you a line and see what you might be up to and see if you are doing alright ?
  10. you know i alwayls wish the best for all my freinds and the man i love alwayls ttyl cassy.
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