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  1. just some stuff and looking for so many things the show was good yesterday and i well i hleped and my mom was very happy lol
  2. awww (blushes) that is very sweet like i told you as a freind i will alwayls be there for you and have i not been at anytime so far?
  3. hey you got it that is very good oh i was wondering by the way did you get any sleep last night?
  4. awww thanks that is very sweet of you and i'm flaterd that you think so higily of me.
  5. thank you i'm flaterd that you think i'm an dragon,princess,and a goddess.
  6. aww thanks thats very very very sweet of you i'm glad that you can see that i'm olny human .
  7. thank you i'm glad you got to see and trust me i know some things are hearnd but there is a truth somewhere in some things.
  8. what! did i do something to make you mad? what do you mean look you have to give me a reason plese let me know plase i beg of you.
  9. thanks really i know i have your wish of good luck talk to you very soon cassy.
  10. yes you sure can i have no problem with that you can do wich ever your more combfble with
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