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  1. anything is ok and don't worry i have a way to get things done oh by the way why are you alwayls putting your self down it is very unhealthy.
  2. try again it hleps to understand the mioves it really does it helped me a lot.
  3. you will the books have the frist has hands holding a apple the second has a white and red flower and the thrid has a red ribbion and the fourth has a white chess piace that should hlep and rent the frist moive then tell me what you think.
  4. really twightlit is good all the mioves will be and the riongal books are very good to and the sound trcaks rock.
  5. i told i don't as i'm sure i do not unless my bother made one for me and i don't know but as far as i know i do not have a myspace my boyfreind does but i do not.
  6. hello back to my lord hello back to you, are you glad to know that i'm back home again?
  7. sure thing sweetie i do understand that very cearly.
  8. why are you afraid of yourslef? i mean really why?
  9. it's just that what you are not afraid of me are you?
  10. shh shh it is ok just breathe and it will be ok alrgiht be clam you can talk to me and tell me anything ok.
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