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  1. that is ok you take all the time you need or just say how you feel in your heart.
  2. well then i won't keep you but understand that i will be here alwayls and i will let you know if i will gone but i send you a very big hug and a kiss here i will be for you.
  3. you can have my promise that all you need is to ask and i will do anything and everything i can to get what you ask me for your a really good sweet freind.
  4. sure thing i can hook you up with that when i have more time i'm not goinog be around for two days but i will try before i go and i'm doing ok
  5. i'm ok my knee will start to hael once my request is approved for hlep but i think before when i told you about some of my freinds like yinyangAio1,garrasandkiller1,etc etc and i gave you a dissidtion of how i look and my age.
  6. thank you very much and i 'm greatful to you and just so you know not to freak out but i did get a knee injury
  7. thank you and sorry she really ****ed up with what she said but it is awsome that you now have a band.
  8. hello my freind how are you? i have been worried about you i hope you are ok and i'm wondering how evrything is going so peasle let me know ok.
  9. I'll alwayls be here for you and i have a good feeling that you are the one to be one of my crvalire's and colse freind i take a chance and chose not to give up on you.
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