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  1. hey if you would like some tips and advice i can hlep you out and it would hlep you i have had a lots of people ask me for tips and advice on the same thing that your going throgh.
  2. i'm sorry to hear that, that is hell i'm so sorry that your day sucked you shuold be pamperd on your day not killed.
  3. hello my freind let me know what is up i miss you and need to know that you are ok let me know my freind gentle breezess cassy.
  4. pealse hlep me understand what your family has agaist you for stuff that is not your fault and is out of your hands?
  5. no no you should not do that yes i can understand why but it is not a good thing to do still.
  6. yes i know that every x does that i have had pently do that to me but the good thing is you found me and i will never try to hurt you just let me know i will alwayls be here for you.
  7. well not that i know but since she is your ex and just lost the best thing in her life she ever had i think she would be pissed on&off what do you think?
  8. lol you are very funny and cool i like talking to you very much what do you think your ex would do if she knew i am in your life now?
  9. your welcome so i guess she was not looking where she was going huh? you don't have to tell me if you do not wish to.
  10. then you are very lucky that you met me i can promise you this i am alwayls going to be here for you and that is a promise that i can and alwayls will keep.
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