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  1. now that you met me i'm sure your luck is going to get much better and this is a new beining for you and as a freind i can hlep you with anything just ask.
  2. that is cool i am finding out about real love now since i got much pain from it being so fake from the igidts that said i love you.
  3. hello my freind hope you don't mind me asking what your telents and hobbies are?
  4. cute very cute and yes we can be freinds i like having a lot of freinds there kinda like my second family so i injoy talk ing to them a lot more.
  5. no i belivle i got the right one let me try again ok i will try again.
  6. well sure i cand sen you on a pm and some of it is very good as some people tell me so i will sen you one today ok ttyl cassy.
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