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  1. yeah alot has i'm not on AO very ofen anymore been busy with work and losing classes and time also working on my solo for thr may showcase so i'm just busy but i do miss you alot but i love hearing from you it is very good.
  2. been a while since i was AO so different now in days anyways nyou have not comment to me in a while so i decide to it semms like u r having trouble something with i cant blame u seem everyone is
  3. hey you i was around and free at this time and i tought i'd suter by and see how you are with a big hug.
  4. the cat is ok missing her freinds and alot is going threw herr head needs to sort it
  5. you will find it and when you have it keep it cole to your heat and it will stay just i i keep you colse to mine and if need anything or hlep just let me know.
  6. yeah i know now the un packing is the next part and hanging things up but it is all working out but i can't wait and see when my freind kenny will call me and let me know if he will come by and hang with me for a little while but i miss you too what is going on.
  7. hey you i'm fanilly back and i will stay promise you will always know everything don't worry.
  8. i did not forget you i know i don't talk much the reson is cause of my moving and a few things have been making me a bit under the wither but i hols you in my thoughts and my heart always i miss you a lot, hey i will tell you when my compter is set up again and i will send you more massges from now on ok.
  9. yes that is so ture don't worry about it hey besides it is ok a lot of people that didn't get to say it yesterday are saying it today so it is all good.
  10. yay tommrrow i will be 25 my brithday is then i have no idea how i'm going to make myslef get threw it but hey it is cool.
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