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  1. i'm ok just worreid but it is ok really i miss you so much and things are getting a bit crazy but it will work out.
  2. it seemed like you were i'm sorry abot that really i am let me know ok i miss you and your my best freind.
  3. don't worry about it ok i've had it forever and it will get worse look i'm getting better and things are too i just need to work on a frew things ok that is all sorry i made you mad
  4. MD it is a nero muscalr disisese and it is one of about over a 100 and i'm stopping it from getting worse and i love it.
  5. nothing there is no cure and nothing to hlep with it sorry i can't hlep with that but my reltionship with my bf is gooing good.
  6. ok yes i know i get that a lot sorry my disability does not make a lot of things very easy for me but i will try ok my black wolf
  7. yeah i know sorry so much i have truoble spelling some things sorry i was not trying to make you mad.
  8. i had to since my otherone died in a way but it is better now how are you imiss you hope we can talk soon happy valintines day
  9. ok i will back off just letting you know that i care for you and about you talk to you to.
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