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  1. that is all i ask thing more nothing less and i trust you i know i can.
  2. i keep them and you will be fine and safe i know it you need anything or hope i'm there.
  3. i can uderstand that really i can and i will let you do so and i will check in now and again just to see how you are.
  4. you are the same swet guy i have alwys known i promise you that my black wlof.
  5. yes i think so since i will need it all in the coming moth i can tell you more over the phone not here.
  6. hey i know what you mean by needing a real hug it is the same here but my hugs are always more than just hugs you get the one that are meant for you no matter what tty soon my black wolf.
  7. hey let my hug you i give really good hugs trust me and i am here for you i send you unlimited hugs and a few kisses on the cheek i'm your black cat and your my black wolf and my hugs are for you.
  8. don't worry here you go (928)852-0674 always here for you my sweet black wlof.
  9. hey,hey just take a beark and brthe deeply ok i'm here you can call me or anthing you need or want anything i will do what i can for you always i promise you that no matter what.
  10. oh it is about my hostpal visit and i know about the pain of parking but hang in there i'm here for you and always will be and now i'm home from my trip.
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